Michelle Kelley

Photo of Michelle Kelley

My name is Michelle Kelley and I grew up in Santa Rosa. From a young age I remember being fascinated by the natural world and my interests gravitated towards biology.  As an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis, I worked on a research project exploring the effects neonicitinoid insecticides have on the physiology, morphology  and behavior of local stickleback fish populations. Since college, I have explored several different career fields. For two summer seasons, I have worked as an outdoor educator and hiking guide in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. I also had the opportunity to assist with bioacoustic research involving pinnipeds and cetaceans with the National Marine Mammal Foundation. Lastly, I worked for four years as a financial analyst, but continued to explore future opportunities and careers in marine science. I am delighted to join the RIPTIDES program. I hope to use my education to promote sustainable development in the field of regulatory compliance and policy.