Research Projects

Trainees will formulate interdisciplinary research projects that benefit from the involvement of at least two faculty mentors with active research programs based at the Estuary & Ocean Science (EOS) Center (formerly the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies (RTC)). Our faculty have expertise in areas such as climate change, ocean acidification, marine environmental physiology, wetland restoration, impacts of sea level rise, invasive species, estuarine food webs, nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics, population genetics, marine mammal and sea bird conservation, conservation and marine protected areas, benthic-pelagic nutrient cycling, oceanography, carbon biogeochemistry of marine sediments, and marine spatial planning and ecology.

RIPTIDES students engage in research efforts that are more interdisciplinary in nature, including:

  • Best practices for mitigating the effects of sea-level rise in urbanized coastal areas through habitat protection and restoration that integrates public opinion and policy with research efforts.
  • Citizen science enabled natural history to detect appearance of invasive species.
  • Scientifically informed policy and management aspects of wastewater from sewage treatment plants, agriculture, and aquaculture facilities to maximize ecosystem health while minimizing energy consumption and resources.
  • Translating scientific knowledge for management of freshwater inputs to the San Francisco Estuary to balance ecosystem resilience, industrial/agricultural demands and domestic water use.
  • Integrating policy and fisheries management with predictive understanding of harmful algal blooms under future climate and runoff regimes.
  • Identifying the effects of marine protected areas on the resilience of coastal ecosystems confronting multiple stressors including Ocean Acidification, warming, invasive species, oil spills and diseases.