A core component of the RIPTIDES program is helping students gain hands-on experience in career or research environments so they can make informed decisions regarding available career paths post-graduation. Student interns will gain firsthand work experience in professional organizations (government agencies, NGOs and NPOs) where scientific evidence is applied to benefit society, with an emphasis on environmental issues, including education, management and policy regarding San Francisco Bay and nearby coastal waters. Here is a list of some of the potential internship partners:

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The Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory (SEPAL) was founded in 2004 to integrate science education efforts into the Department of Biology and College of Science and Engineering at SF State. Since then, SEPAL has grown into a vibrant community of scientists. SEPAL has an active research laboratory investigating how science is learned, offers both undergraduate and graduate courses, and provides multiple opportunities for SFSU students and scientists to collaborate with K-college educators. Visit for more information.


Turtle Island Restoration Network

Turtle Island is a leading advocate for the world’s oceans and marine wildlife. Their work is based on science, fueled by people who care, and effective at catalyzing long-lasting positive change that protects the likes of green sea turtles, whale sharks and coho salmon. By working with people and communities they preserve and restore critical habitats like the redwood forested creek banks of California to the full-of-marine-life waters of the Cocos Islands. They accomplish their mission through grassroots empowerment, consumer action, strategic litigation, hands-on restoration, environmental education, and by promoting sustainable local, national and international marine policies. Visit for more information.


CA Ocean Science Trust

OST is an independent non-profit created by a California statute that recognized the value of independent science to support decisions. Connecting government, science and communities is hard—and the reason for our existence. They work across traditional boundaries to build trust and empower broad participation in policy and management decisions with useful, reliable science. Visit for more information.

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The Bay Conservation and Development Commission

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) is a California state planning and regulatory agency with regional authority over the San Francisco Bay, the Bay’s shoreline band, and the Suisun Marsh. BCDC is the nation’s oldest coastal zone agency. Its mission is to protect and enhance San Francisco Bay and to encourage the Bay’s responsible and productive use for this and future generations. State law requires sponsors of projects that propose to fill or extract materials from the Bay to apply for a BCDC permit. Visit for more information.

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CA Department of Fish and Wildlife

CDFW uses sound science to maintain California's fish, wildlife and natural communities. Reflecting the diverse natural resources of our State, science in CDFW spans numerous disciplines, species, habitats, and geographic areas. It also involves many collaborators, including universities, non-profit organizations, and other agencies. CDFW's Science Institute is part of a new initiative to expand and enhance our scientific capacity and to provide the public with opportunities to see and learn about the important science they do in support of the mission of CDFW. Visit for more information.

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ICF Environmental Consulting

ICF clients span health, energy, and transportation industries as well as government agencies in the United States and Europe. ICF gives them the data, insights, and deep implementation expertise they need to deliver results that matter to consumers, citizens, and communities. They are business analysts, policy specialists, technologists, researchers, digital strategists, social scientists and creatives. From program management and project assessment to digital marketing and social media strategy, ICF's work delivers deeper engagement, more confident decisions, and measurable impact. Visit for more information.